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Pages: 328

Language: English

Publisher: Sounds True Inc (20 Feb. 2015)

By: Robert Augustus Masters(Author)

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Beyond the well-read men s movement classics or simplistic fitness magazine advice, men have been wanting for solid and timely guidance for years. With To Be a Man, acclaimed psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Robert Augustus Masters offers this new and deeply insightful guide to masculine power and fulfilment. I ve got it all so why am I so dissatisfied with my life? Why am I never happy in my romantic relationships? How do I become more courageous and powerful without becoming that jerk everyone hates? Masters has helped thousands of men address these issues. And for nearly all of them, he s found that one solution is clear: we must face our early wounds and the shame that holds us back and then bring our head, heart, and guts into full-blooded alignment . To Be a Man shows readers how, as they explore: emotional mastery, awakening courage and strength, sexuality and intimacy, outgrowing pornography and other addictions, the power of vulnerability, deepening relationships, and more.

Praise for "To Be a Man""" Any book that unveils the male mystique with empathy and compassion, helping men understand themselves and helping women understand men, and that helps the culture understand the masculine dilemma should be hailed as a miracle. This is what Robert Augustus Masters does in "To Be a Man." Every man should read it as autobiography, every woman should read it as revelation, and our culture should embrace it as a healing balm.Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of "Getting the Love You Want "and co-author (with Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD) of "Making Marriage Simple" " "A masterpiece of transformational wisdom.Alan Clements, author of "Instinct for Freedom "and" A Future to Believe In" " " Robert Augustus Masters has written a powerful guide for men that integrates rigor and receptivity, aggression and authority, vulnerability and potency. With highly developed emotional intelligence, and a nuanced understanding of adult development including the importance of shadow work, Masters delivers a vision of mature, embodied male empowerment. "To Be a ""Man" is a fearless book from a master of psycho-emotional healing and awakening.Diane Musho Hamilton, author of "Everything Is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution" Masters insights populate every page of this compelling book, and offer creative ways of thinking about many of our era s most complex and controversial issues, among them, pornography, sexual violence, militarism and war, the effects of trauma on men s psyches and identities, and much more.Jackson Katz, PhD, author of "The Macho Paradox" and "Leading Men," and creator of the award-winning films "Tough Guise" and "Tough Guise 2" In this essential book, Robert Augustus Masters challenges current ideas about what it means to be a man," "and explores crucial gender issues that affect every man, boy, woman, and girl on our planet. By uncoupling anger from aggression, sexuality from rape and porn, and masculinity from brutality, Robert supports men and boys in reclaiming the sacredness, magnificence, and true power of healthy masculinity.Karla McLaren, author of "The Language of Emotions" and "The Art of Empathy"After thirty years of pioneering men's work, if I were to write "the" classic handbook for men this would be it. "To Be a Man "calls out the warrior to do battle inside, to find authentic masculine power, allowing truly intimate relationships with women, other men, and self.Bill Kauth, cofounder of "The ManKind Project" and author of "A Circle of Men" and "We Need Each Other" " " " To Be a Man "is a book every man should read, especially if they long for their deepest sense of inner peace and wholeness. It's honest. Raw. Thorough. Deep. Such an important book!Mary Allen, author of "The Power of Inner Choice" " " I have rarely heard such textured thinking from anyone: subtle energetic distinctions on the continuum of destructive and wholesome anger; the willingness to de-normalize pornography and a range of sexual and nonsexual immaturities that many would defend as being myself; the willingness to boldly put happiness as the basis of grown-up sex. The world has rarely seen a man who has worked his own process as Masters has, producing a brilliant, compassionate, paradigm-exploding instruction manual for any man or woman on the planet. What a totally beautiful, brilliant, fearless, and amazing book!Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D, author of "Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love" "To Be a Man" dissects the three words that echo in every man s psyche: Be a man! As a seasoned therapist, Masters identifies the accompanying shame men manifest and gives us a guide toward healthy, sustainable masculinity.Joe Ehrmann, former NFL player, professional speaker, cofounder of Coaching for America, and author of "InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives" As a man, this book honors, challenges, teaches, and nurtures me all at once. It shows me where I have the greatest opportunity to grow. Best of all, it celebrates what's truly sacred about being a man.Raphael Cushnir, author of "The One Thing Holding You Back "and" Surfing Your Inner Sea" Every once in a while someone comes along and writes a masterpiece, and Robert Augustus Masters' "To Be a Man" falls into this category. His book is a true hero s journey of healing and awakening, one that encourages men to cultivate a deep and enduring intimacy with everything that they are for the benefit of one and all.Hank Wesselman, PhD, author of "The Bowl of Light "and the" Spiritwalker "Trilogy The old question: What does it mean to be a man? has been answered wisely and completely by Robert Masters in the pages of this amazing book. I want every male on the planet to read it, and soon! It could help to heal our deeply wounded masculinity.Robert K. Hall, MD, pioneer in the integration of somatic and psychological work, and cofounder of the Lomi School As a woman, I am genuinely thankful for the cogent and thoughtful exploration of masculinity that he has offered to the dialogue between men and women. And, as the mother of two boys, I am delighted that he is sharing these fruits of wisdom with the men of today, and the generations to follow.Sarah Nicholson, PhD, author of "The Evolutionary Journey of Woman" This book is an invitation to wholeness, to awakening, to the next step man. Compassionately written and wise, it invites men to make a conscious distinction between their benevolent and malevolent identifications, and paves the way for a way of being that is both sturdy and heartfelt. Highly recommended for anyone who has grown tired of limiting gender identifications!Jeff Brown, author of "Soulshaping" " To Be a Man" is a very useful guide through the thicket of confusing options in exactly what being a man means, or can mean, in today s postmodern world.Ken Wilber, author of "The Integral Vision" A brave and full-blooded dive into the challenges and opportunities facing men and masculinity in the 21st century. Masters brings an array of insights, taken from years of personal practice and gleaned from decades of work with clients, to support men on their journey towards mature manhood.Vanessa D. Fisher, co-editor and author of "Integral Voices on Sex, Gender & Sexuality: Critical Inquiries" This important book covers the whole spectrum of men s experience and challenges today. Masters explains the development of men s many strengths as well as their compensations, the downsides that so many adopt to be a man, including burying some parts of themselves so deeply that they forget that such parts are even there. A book for men who want to embrace their inner life as well as well as for women who want to understand them.Ian Macnaughton, PhD, author of "Body Breath & Consciousness" Robert Augustus Masters is one of the essential wisdom teachers of our time. "To Be a Man" reflects his deep learning, humility, and decades of experience as a therapist, clinician, and healer. In the section of my library where I have a small collection of books about being a man, this book has moved to the top of my list. I enthusiastically recommend it to any man who wants to wake up, grow up, and show up.John Dupuy, author of "Integral Recovery" "As a pioneer in the emerging men's movement, Masters speaks in a clear, no-nonsense voice as he calls men to begin a new hero's journey of self-discovery and redefinition in which anger and compassion coexist, where emotional literacy thrives, where innate raw power can be embraced without sacrificing vulnerability, and where shame isn't channeled into aggression. The last section, almost a third of the book, is devoted to the topic of sex, including in-depth discussions of pornography, rape, and sexual acting-out. There is also a chapter devoted to gay men, making it clear that his discussion is not limited by preexisting gender ideas of any kind." Retailing Insight, Anna Jedrziewski"

Read online or download a free book: To Be A Man: A Guide To True Masculine Power.pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By Peter. J. Morris on 20 March 2015

    This a book that deeply challenges our concepts of what being a man is. It reveals many aspects of modern masculinity along with its failure to really get to grips with the core elements of the male psyche.'To Be a Man' is not an easy, or comfortable book, to read and its scything crtitique at times leaves the reader feeling somewhat guilty for even being a member of the male sex! Sadly, and in many regards I did not find this to be a positive book or even encouraging in regards to what a man is, or should be - it contains no clear definition or even a context by which we can rebuild ourselves and our psyches. Reference is made to Joseph Campbells' concept of the Hero; but whilst I felt this should have been the key to unlocking the fundamentals of masculine dynamics it is somewhat glossed over by the author.Freudian references to the penis and female breasts also appeared to be somewhat out-dated and discredited.However, if you see past the fact that this book does not 'lead from the front' and has more of a tendancy to 'push from the back' then this is a very interesting and readable account of where the traditional archetype of the 'Alpha Male' is so damaging.Will Alpha Male types read it? I am sure that they will not - even with encouragement to do so from their poor and downtrodden partners, so it is for the rest of us to try and redefine maleness within ourselves.This is a book that sure tells us where, as men, we are going wrong, but it is in great need of a follow up - one that lets us know how we work to get it right.Despite my misgivings this is a recommended (second-hand) read though with the caveat that in dealing with some issues such as pornography it does come over as a little fundementalist in tone.Please note that the independent assessment of this book has been taken from a review copy kindly supplied by PGUK, London.

  • By lucy on 2 June 2016

    you just have to read is as the name suggests, a book for the masculine...but I'm a girl and delighted to have inside information!!

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