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Read online or download a free book: Game Changer Protocol: Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs And Supercharge Your Life

Pages: 146

Language: English

Publisher: CUI Solutions; 1 edition (20 July 2016)

By: Tim Goodenough(Author) Jo Lennox-Goodenough(Editor) Soofeeya Tamseel(Cover Design)

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This book is for people who've managed to succeed in spite of themselves. If you feel like you’ve done okay, yet you know you have only scraped the surface of your true potential, this book is for you.You will learn how limiting beliefs cause compromised self-esteem and below average performance. Whilst low and conditional self-esteem are often associated with socially awkward teenagers or adults who suffer from depression or are perceived to be weak, the truth is that there are many talented, creative, dynamic and successful people, just like you, who struggle with compromised self-esteem.It’s a common self-help goal to have healthy self-esteem, but far too many people are using weak or ineffective tools like affirmations and positive thinking in the hope of creating deep and lasting change. If you’ve tried these ineffective techniques only to give up on them, you owe it to yourself to learn and implement the Game Changer Protocol. How will this book help you to access your highest level of performance and achieve your goals in your career, relationships and society? Game Changer Protocol includes the 10 primary beliefs that combine to create healthy self-esteem and a powerful new technique called Scanning that allows you to accomplish dramatic shifts in beliefs and performance. This technique has successfully been implemented by some of the highest performing executives, athletes and top achievers across society as a way to fast-track their success.

Tim Goodenough is an Executive Coach and co-author of the best-selling book In the Zone with South Africa's Sports Heroes. He holds both the ACMC and PCMC coaching qualifications and is a qualified NLP and Neuro-Semantics Trainer. Tim specialises in High Performance: the art and science of helping elite athletes, sports teams, top entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive leaders overcome their challenges and excel at every level.

Read online or download a free book: Game Changer Protocol: Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs And Supercharge Your Life.pdf

Download book - Game Changer Protocol: Free yourself from limiting beliefs and supercharge your life:Tim Goodenough, Jo Lennox-Goodenough, Soofeeya Tamseel.pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By Josh You ARE on 24 July 2016

    First, a disclosure: I've studied in the same major psychological field of Neurosemantics as Tim so when I saw he was coming out with a new book I asked to review a copy. I've been interested in belief change processes and belief installation procedures for years so hoped to find something like that in his book. I was intrigued to see Tim has decided to focus on self-esteem: how to deal with the obstacles to healthy self-esteem and how to install ten major beliefs that cumulatively build it up. This is a field with hundreds of books and thousands of articles so what is different in Tim's approach? Well, first Tim bases his model on the powerful Meta-States and Neurosemantics models. I would not be surprised if you have not heard of these yet - the good stuff always seems to take time to filter through to the general public consciousness - but suffice to say they explain how consciousness works to build most of our mental furniture (beliefs, decisions, values etc) and how this gets stored in the body. Tim avoids technical explanations (read Meta-States by Michael Hall for that) but gives an easy to understand process that works, even if you don't know how. Now, I do believe that this Scanning model will work fastest for those who have done some self-awareness training - that could be NLP but could also be meditation and mindfulness training. This is because these processes tend to raise your inner self awareness and part of this model involves listening/watching/feeling for clues that indicates 'wobbles' or expressions of belief systems in your body. This is based on the idea that your mind is your body. Sorry Descartes.I personally found the process very fast but I have been practising self awareness for years. I would also add that using Scanning and The Decision Tree (where you decide what to do with the answers you get) often require multiple passes like unpeeling an onion. This is not a criticism but a fact - people are complex and multi-layered and if you don't accept that you'll get frustrated fast - and people who are in pain often want fast answers and results.Tim also introduces a new model of installing beliefs which I can only describe as a mix of quantum physics and creating powerful reasons for making that belief permanent. We are both of the opinion that new positive beliefs take an energy level above a threshold that is hard for most people to generate. This is why negative beliefs often dominate so easily. I like Tim's process because you clear away the objections to the new belief before you raise your energy level to adopt it. I definitely believe Tim's process is worth using and strongly suspect that he'll make new discoveries as he continues to investigate this important field. Thanks Tim.

  • By Gavin E on 8 October 2016

    An insightful and easy to follow book that gives everybody the tools and techniques to identify and address their core beliefs. Literally putting the power in your hands to understand and adapt how and what you think. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their thinking and life!

  • By Guest on 19 November 2016

    Love this book!

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