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Read online or download a free book: Pause For Breath: Bringing The Practices Of Mindfulness And Dialogue To Leadership Conversations

Pages: 364

Language: English

Publisher: Live It; Revised First Edition edition (4 July 2011)

By: Amanda Ridings(Author)

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This book is for leaders, coaches and practitioners who are intrigued by their contribution to, and impact in, conversations, and who are committed to cultivating an authentic presence and voice. The book explores: the influence of internal dialogue on your interactions with others and your effectiveness in your organisation; how to increase your versatility in challenging or delicate conversations and to develop capacity for doing this in 'bad weather' (adverse conditions; and how to germinate systemic change, one leasdership conversation at a time.

In this elegantly crafted practice guide, Amanda expands our relationship to both mindfulness and dialogue. Like breath itself, the text has a lightness and rhythm that invites us into a profound sense of space and possibility which is also familiar and ordinary. This is a practical roadmap for those seeking more satisfying conversations and more enduring results --Susan Szpakowski, Executive Director, ALIA Institute and author of Little Book of PracticeI have a small number of books that rarely find their way onto my library shelves. They are full of good stories, practical examples, interesting questions and well-tested wisdom. Over the years, they become dog-eared, flagged, annotated and stuffed full of notes. They travel with me and I never loan them. Amanda's 'Pause for Breath' is one of those books. --Dr Steve Marshall, Director, Photo-Dialogue LtdThis book distills the wealth of experience that Amanda has gained over a dozen years of conscious and thoughtful practice, and also makes a unique contribution to the body of knowledge in the way she has synthesised the connections between numerous individual approaches. Amanda has achieved true synergy - and a step change in how we think about conversations. This is a real game-changing book. --Dr Karen Niven, Lead Risk Manager, Shell Heath

Read online or download a free book: Pause For Breath: Bringing The Practices Of Mindfulness And Dialogue To Leadership Conversations.pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By Margaret C. on 11 June 2016

    I'm really enjoying working through this. I want to have more successful conversations with people as I often end up saying things I don't mean through nervousness or concern that something I say will upset them. I'm only a couple of chapters in but it is already helping. You don't need to be in business to get something out of this.

  • By James Knight on 6 June 2014

    Pause for Breath"Dialogue is what one of my clients calls a 'higher, deeper, wider conversation' that requires us to find the edges and boundaries of our conversational range, says the author. To achieve that, Amanda Ridings brings her whole self (as dialogue coach, meditator, martial artist) and mystery into the exploration.This is a great book: she addresses conversation from dialogue models, from what's going on in our bodies, and from spirit. It has encouraged me to consider (difficult) conversations as opportunities to practise courage & open-ness, and - rather than just exhorting me to do so - has provided a method of inquiry to achieve the conversations I want to have.It took me a while to read, because of the exercises and because of the thinking it prompted me to do around my conversational habits, but sticking with the slower progress has actually created a 'higher, deeper, wider' understanding, so thank you Amanda Ridings.

  • By A reviewer from London on 21 May 2014

    Unfortunately this book has the dubious honour, of being only the second book I have sent back for a refund since spending literally thousands of pounds on Amazon since 1990.It's a long book, but its also very fluffy, and it just did not grab me.Sorry

  • By Anni Townend on 26 November 2011

    I am truly enjoying this book, Amanda writes personably encouraging us the readers to reflect on our experiences, to practice noticing more things about who we are being in particular in our conversations with each other, allowing more space. For many years now I have been working with leaders encouraging awareness of who they are being in the moment and that a great way of doing this is through breathing and to then have the courageous conversation, to be open and honest with each other. Now I am talking with leaders about having both spacious and courageous conversation. In particular I found useful Amanda's inviting us to notice the extent to which we are advocating in conversations versus enquiring of the other, and to bring our awareness to how we engage with others. The 'pause for breath' at the end of each section is gentle reminder to us all to practice and to re-engage with ourselves first and then with others. Thank you Amanda. Best wishes Anni

  • By Love to shop on 2 September 2011

    I've been meaning to write a review on this books for some weeks, and I keep delaying it as I'm not sure I can do the book justice. The other reviewer has given a good summary of content, so maybe I should just say how the book makes me feel: curious, enlightened, challenged, inspired, supported. In fact, very much the same emotions that Amanda engenders when working with her. I had the privilege of being mentored by Amanda for a year, and it was a transformational experience. If you can't have that, then at least buy the book - it really is the next best thing.It should be mandatory reading for every new leader, and is certainly no my book list for my own NLP and coaching students.

  • By mrs c a s jackson on 30 August 2011

    In this book, Amanda pulls together different theories on conversations, including how conversations progress (or not!), and how and why they can get stuck or off track. If you wonder why some of your conversations with colleagues, clients, friends and family seem to go round and round forever without properly concluding, are repetitive, are one sided or end in disagreements or rows, this book will help you. It will not only provide you with the awareness to identify the patterns your conversations take, but will also enable you to assemble your own toolbox of skills which can be used during difficult conversations of all kinds. Many of these tools are elegantly simple, yet effective. For example, a well timed question exploring why someone holds a particular viewpoint, or an observational summary of the opposing views of two people at loggerheads during a meeting. Other tools will take more practice in order to become skilful, but the information is all there.Critically, Amanda demonstrates the link between the mind and body, and illustrates, both in writing and through practical exercises, how we can open our minds by relaxing our bodies, and also how we can become more focused, assertive and resilient by centreing practice. This, for me, is the revelatory element of Amanda's teaching.For those who have not previously participated, I suspect the book acts as a do-it-yourself version of Amandas's Pause for Breath leadership retreats. For those, like me, who have been on one of the retreats, the book enhances the whole experience by acting as a reference material that can be dipped into again and again, reinforcing the learning and helping to embed it into everyday conversations with others.All in all, this is a great book for anyone who wishes to have more productive and satisfying conversations and meetings with the people they live and work with.

  • By Daryl on 17 June 2014

    This book by Amanda Ridings is a great guide for those of us looking to bring more space and capacity into our lives as leaders. In this accessible read, Amanda takes us on a journey that shows how by paying attention to the practices we embody and then subtly shifting them, we can be more at ease with ourselves as leaders and also offer that possibility to the people and organisations we lead. If you would like to take a 'pause for breath' and reflect on how your practices as a leader are serving both you and those you lead, then I'd recommend this book as a must read.

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