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Read online or download a free book: The Next Big Investment Boom: Learn The Secrets Of Investing From A Master And How To Profit From Commodities

Pages: 192

Language: English

Publisher: Kogan Page; 1 edition (3 Mar. 2006)

By: Mark Shipman(Author)

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Mark Shipman is a professional investor - who hopes to educate the general public about the dangers of entrusting their money and financial futures to just any so-called 'investment professional'. The other aim of his book is to introduce readers to an investment trend that he believes is going to dominate the world over the next decade - that of commodities such as coffee, cocoa, and crude oil. However, the book is intended to help readers to invest - not to help them trade. Shipman believes that long-term investing is generally less stressful and usually more financially rewarding. He has learnt that it is far easier to profit from an investment's progress over months and years than it is over the next few days, hours or even minutes. This book also studies the forthcoming rise in the price of commodities - which will mean the return of high inflation and ultimately the return of high interest rates. But, Shipman insists, if readers participate in the forthcoming commodity boom, they can protect themselves from the effects of high inflation and make some serious money. Shipman predicts that tomorrow's new millionaires will make their fortunes, not from technology, software, the Internet or property, but from commodities and commodity related business.

"I would recommend this book to both the first time investor and the experienced professional." -- Mel Mayne, Managing Partner, PaR Asset Management LLP"Mark Shipman’s style of writing makes reading this book an entertaining experience and offers an easy-to-understand and educational investment philosophy." -- Karl Gysin, Chairman, Swiss Financial Services AG"Advice on investment and explores the possibility that a boom in commodities will soon create a strong investment bull market." -- Journal of Economic Literature"Learn the secrets of investing in commodities from a master." -- The Scotsman"Like all good ideas, Shipman's approach is deceptively simple. He buys when it is clear that an asset is moving upwards and he sticks with it until it is clear that it is no longer doing so...Really impressive." -- The Daily Telegraph"On reading it I thought it was brilliant! Two people have borrowed it from me - they think it was very good too!" -- Gaurav Sharma, of Today's Business (CNBC Europe)"This book gives you some real and workable strategies that should really help you make the most of your investments." -- Traders magazine“This book is clear, concise, positive, thought-provoking and very informative.” -- John White, private investor

Read online or download a free book: The Next Big Investment Boom: Learn The Secrets Of Investing From A Master And How To Profit From Commodities.pdf

Download book - The Next Big Investment Boom: Learn the Secrets of Investing from a Master and How to Profit from Commodities:Mark Shipman.pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By M. W. Ellwood on 27 March 2008

    This book certainly opened up some aspects of investment that I had not been aware of, in a very readable and understandable way.This book is now about 2 years old as I write this, and everything he wrote then about commodities has come to pass, as we have seen record prices for oil, gold, and even wheat very recently.I cannot really agree with the cautions of reviewer "noj"; if you read the book carefully and use the same amount of caution as you would with any other investment decision, I don't see why it should be particularly dangerous. And even putting money in the bank could be regarded as dangerous these days; and if not dangerous, it's arguable whether money in the bank will hold its value, whereas if you invest in the way that M.S. suggests, you could make your "savings" grow substantially.I would agree with criticisms of some other reviewers, that there is not enough detail about how spread-betting works, but this is not really a book about spread-betting, and there is plenty of information on the web about it. Similary there is nothing about some of the newer variations on S.B., such as binary bets. Maybe this is covered in his newer book.Regards,M.

  • By Verbatim on 12 August 2007

    Although the title is a bit long winded and seems to be focusing your purchase because of an interest in commodities, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great deal more in the content. The author seems to have a wealth of experience in playing the markets and this comes through in his writing. I particularly found the chapters on the psychological side of speculation and the examination of past investment booms interesting.In addition, the author includes one of his own methods of investing, which aside from the Alexander Elder books, I haven't seen included in finance publications before.The second half of the book deals with the coming or present boom in commodities and covers the subject adequately but for me, the real value in reading this book is to see how a professional investor approaches and profits from the markets.This book provides good solid advice and its well worth a read

  • By "andy" scotland on 18 August 2007

    This has got to be the best book I've read on investing for years. Not only is it written in an easy to understand style, I like the way the author approaches the markets.Effectively, he uses a two pronged approach. Firstly, identifying an asset class using simple fundamental analysis and then he applies chart based analysis, which provides him with the discipline to then enter and exit the markets. It's a strategy that's used by a number of successful investors and traders and you can see why Shipman has adopted it as well.I think this is a "must have" book whether you're interested in stocks or commodities.

  • By Mr. L. Edwards on 9 August 2006

    I have read this book end to end in the last week.What Shipman says about the psychology of succesful long term investing I found particularly interesting and enlightening- it has made me think differently about entry and exit points when dealing in shares.His selection and analysis of examples of investment manias that turned into bubbles I found particularly enjoyable - and Shipman makes the point that bubbles may be good -providing you are aware that you are in one and get out as soon as it looks set to burst.What I found irritating was his description of the method he uses to invest- spread betting. I read that they are tax efficient and use gearing to increase profits- but I still do not understand how they work. Some more detail here would have been helpful.So overall I think this is a good buy for the serious investor-but I shall have to do research elsewhere on spread betting.Enjoy it.

  • By N. Burgess on 11 April 2008

    Mark Shipman gives some very compelling reasons to why we are at the beginning of a huge boom in commodities. He explains the nature of booms from the tulip boom in Holland hundreds of years ago to the recent dot com boom, and outlines how commodities are at the beginning of a similar cycle. He also gives some examples of Donchian-based technical analysis techniques, and how he uses these strategies in his own trading methods.

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