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Pages: 352

Language: English

Publisher: Entangled Publishing; Reprint edition (3 Nov. 2015)

By: Kate Birch(Author)

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Man's best friend just got a little prettier. Ever since the government passed legislation allowing people to be genetically engineered and raised as pets, the rich and powerful can own beautiful girls like sixteen-year-old Ginger as companions. But when Ginger moves in with her new masters and discovers the glamorous life she's been promised isn't at all what it seems, she's forced to choose between a pampered existence full of gorgeous gowns and veiled threats, or seizing her chance at freedom with the boy she's come to love, risking both of their lives in a daring escape no one will ever forget.

Compelling, imaginative, and unique. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough! Mary Lindsey, author of Shattered Souls""Compelling, imaginative, and unique. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!" --Mary Lindsey, author of Shattered Souls

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Customer reviews:

  • By Susan on 8 August 2014

    Perfected is a good book although I didn't like the beginning as it got further and further on it got better and better I wish there was another book.

  • By Danielle @ What Danielle Did Next on 2 September 2014

    1.5 starsPERFECTED had the makings of a great dystopian novel but unfortunately its poor execution made this one a disappointment.PERFECTED tells the story of Ella, a genetically engineered human who has been bred specifically to live as a pet. Trained to be obedient, demure and talented, Ella and her fellow companions are sent to the homes of the rich and privileged.Why? We never find out which is the first of many problems with this book. It's like the story has been created from a mish-mash of popular elements found in recent YA novels without any real thought for plot or character development. After a promising start I reached the one-third mark and started to grow frustrated at the fact that I could barely differentiate between any of the characters not to mention the absence of any world building. There were several disturbing elements to this book that could really have opened a dialogue on issues that affect our society today including the sex trade, slavery, abuse however the tone of the book and the paper thin plot meant that the book truly missed the mark and never reached its potential which was such a shame. Although this review is negative it is written with a heavy heart because with every page I was willing for this book to develop its themes and plot rather than tease.Ella was a sweet character and while I could understand her naivety and appreciate her gentle and kind nature I couldn't bring myself to care for her. The sinister backdrop to her arrival and the constant references to her "family's" previous pet added an air of mystery but again fell short of stirring any real emotion in me. The always unwelcome insta-love unfortunately finished any hope of this book growing on me and I was relieved more than anything else when I turned to the end and even the so-called thrilling, fast paced cliff-hanger couldn't raise any feelings of anticipation of continuing Ella's story.The one highlight was the character of Ruby, she was by far the most realised character in the book and her personality made her a favourite amongst the mediocrity.Sadly one big disappointment. If you're looking for "Diet Dystopian" then stick to The Selection and give this one a miss!

  • By Alisha Bookseller on 1 July 2014

    The premise of this book is very intriguing, and I was all prepared to feel some serious disgust or anger on behalf of our protagonist, considering how she's treated, so I excitedly started to read....however I ended up being very disappointed.I felt nothing when reading. As I said, I was expecting anger or disgust or some form of emotion considering they're treated like "pets", but I ended up being kind of like "ugh" not really feeling a strong emotion. I don't think there was much depth to the writing, there situations and what was going on wasn't written to shock like I'm assuming it was supposed to be, it wasn't extreme enough to elicit any strong emotion and I was a bit disappointed that the author failed to write to extract an emotion from the reader.I didn't really like Ella, which makes reading books harder than it has to be when it's the main character you dislike. She was just kind of....useless. I mean, she hadn't worked out that how she was being treated was wrong, she has to be told by others, which isn't what I'm used to from a protagonist, usually they're at least a little bit wise to what's right and wrong or at least feel like they deserve to not be treated how they are. The premise was so disturbing but the book was like "meh".A fast paced book is always one of the best things about a book, but this book was fast paced to the point where it was leaving things out, not explaining things enough and letting things slide. It had a rushed vibe, and it was just....not with enough depth.Personally I disliked how Penn hates her one minute, then a page later it's all "oh maybe you're not that bad", it was insta-love and I hate insta-love because it's unrealistic and just damn irritating, it was like the author couldn't be bothered to flesh out the relationship. I was expecting to get to watch him go from hating her to a gradual friendship forming and then love. Not this random jump in feelings with no explanation. Like I said, rushed.You're left with a million questions and no answers, which wasn't intriguing, just frustrating, you can guess a lot of the book, but the things you can't you're left not knowing. The author put such a lot of effort in to creating mystery and intrigue but jack all in to actually solving some of the mystery. It's all speedy fast explanations, barely brushing the surface if any.The synopsis kind of leads you to have certain expectations that just aren't reached. At all. It was disappointing and a bit of a let down if I'm honest. The villain isn't all that, not the big bad you're expecting him to be with his evil plan, and there's a lame activist who basically can't be bothered to see the thing through, which was stupid. Why did Clare hate Ella? We'll never know, the author couldn't be bothered to tell us.I was confused more than once about what time this was set in, thanks to all the 50's references, and I really wouldn't call it Dystopian, it doesn't have the disturbing, slightly horror inducing effect of Hunger Games for example. The world building was very shoddy and half-assed.Then there's the ending. It was pretty much run of the mill. There was no elaborate ending like you might be expecting, so don't get too excited or get your hopes up. To be honest, if there isn't a second book then the ending sucks even more because as I said, questions left unanswered, if there is a sequel...I'm not sure I'd read it as much as I would like to see some answers.The book isn't all bad, it's okay, it's an alright read if you go in to it with low expectations, there just wasn't a strong enough sense of wrongness, there wasn't enough depth and there was the bare minimum of explanation if any.The good things about Perfected, where that it was easy to read, which is down to the simple writing, you really do cringe sometimes at how eager to please Ella is, which is about the only time I experienced any emotion. Once Ella's told that what's going on is wrong, her character development is great to watch.Perfected has plenty wrong with it, but if you're looking for an easy read that requires no concentration then this is kind of perfect.

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