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Pages: 408

Language: English

Publisher: Black & White Publishing (19 Oct. 2015)

By: Estelle Maskame(Author)

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It's been a year since eighteen-year-old Eden Munro last saw Tyler Bruce: her stepbrother… and her secret love. Although they called time on their forbidden relationship for the sake of their family, Eden can't help but feel excited when Tyler invites her to join him in New York City for the summer.

Anyway, Eden is happy with her boyfriend Dean, and surely Tyler has moved on too. But as they spend a long, hot summer in the excitement of the city that never sleeps, it soon becomes obvious that they aren't over each other. But can they resist temptation?

In Did I Mention I Need You?, the second volume of Estelle Maskame's phenomenal DIMILY trilogy, Tyler and Eden must face up to their feelings and decide what to do next. Is their love strong enough to face the challenges that lie ahead?


It's a safe bet the films will be out by 2017.

Maskame's followers are voracious readers and the Scot has had to grow accustomed to every plot twist being feverishly discussed.

Like Zoella, [Estelle] knows a thing or two about self promotion... [the books have] received pretty much universal acclaim from her 125,000 followers.

A viral, literary hit! A clever modern twist on the age-old tale of star-crossed lovers.

A new generation of talent!

Authors are often advised to write about what they know. Wisely, [Estelle] ignored that advice.

She's only 17, but Estelle Maskame has already gained a global fanbase.

The Aberdeenshire schoolgirl has had 4 million hits on Wattpad, signed a three-book publishing deal for her Did I Mention I Love You? series and is still only 17. Did we mention we're jealous?

Despite facing some tough competition within the YA group, notably from the likes of the Hunger Games' Suzanne Collins, at just eighteen years of age, Maskame has proven herself to be just as worthy of the praise and attention she has so far received, and such praise is unlikely to stop heading her way anytime soon.

"[A] juicy romance...the star-crossed love affair of Eden Munro and Tyler Bruce is a global sensation!" -Justine Magazine"Maskame pays close attention to detail and, as a teen herself, clearly understands her audience... Many teens will relate to the emotional turmoil of blended families, child abuse, addiction, first love, jealousy, messy breakups, and generally, growing up." -School Library Journal --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Read online or download a free book: Did I Mention I Need You? (The Dimily Trilogy, Book 2) (Dimily Trilogy 2).pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By Siobhan Davis on 14 November 2016

    Fair warning - if you haven't read book one this review contains minor spoilers.It's been two years since Tyler and Eden ended things romantically, and both are really looking forward to her spending six weeks with Tyler in New York. Tyler has been on an event tour talking about the abuse he suffered at his father's hands. It's been therapeutic for him and it's helped him turn his life around. But, has he really dealt with his demons? Is everything a product of his past?Eden has been dating Tyler's best friend Dean and she loves him. He is head over heels for her and has no clue that she still loves Tyler and that they used to be more than just step-siblings. I was so surprised that Tiffani kept that secret but later on we understand why.As soon as Eden steps foot in NY, she realizes she still loves him and begins to see that she made a mistake pushing him away. As Tyler gives her the guided tour of NY, she falls more deeply in love and soon they are acting on their joint feelings, despite their guilt over Dean.Tyler won a lot of brownie points in this instalment (except for the end where he lost a few but more on that) but Eden lost a lot of ground with me. I found her character development to be a little lacking and she grated on my nerves a fair bit. She seemed to want to have her cake and eat it and her actions were unfair on both guys. I also don't understand how she could date Tyler's best friend knowing she still loved Tyler. I get that she was trying to move on, but, seriously, girl, pick an unknown boyfriend would ya? Her choices were extremely selfish when it came to the two guys. However, the biggest gripe I have about her is her reaction and action when Tiffani made an appearance. It was 2am in the morning and I had to swallow my screams of frustration. I slammed my Kindle down in disgust, inwardly yelling at Eden for her complete idiocy. I'm really glad Estelle didn't drag that out because I might have just given up on this book if she had.Eden's dad is still being an ass -part of me can understand because he had to live with Tyler for years when he was in the height of his self-destructive mode and I get why he wouldn't want his daughter to be with him - but it was his failure to address the shortcomings in his relationship with Eden that really angered me. He was a terrible father-figure.I was happy with the decision they made at the end of the book and I felt their anguish when their news wasn't well received. Maybe I'm very liberal, but if I was the parent in that situation I really wouldn't give a monkeys about the step-sibling relationship. They are not blood relatives and they didn't grow up as brother and sister so what's the big deal? I want my kids to be happy and I will always support their choices once I know they have given them due consideration. They may not always make the choices I would, but they are their own person, and I'd like to think that when they come of age I will respect that fact.I was totally shell-shocked at that ending and felt let-down by Tyler. I couldn't believe it and I had to immediately download the next book to find out what was going on. Having read the third book at this stage, I can say that all will become obvious and make total sense, so if you are frustrated at the ending of this book, don't give up. The explanation is worth it.In summary, this was another great read crammed with more angst and drama which I loved.

  • By Noonoo on 15 April 2017

    Great teenage read.. well recommended

  • By carly pullen on 18 June 2017

    A must read for summer or anytime can't rate this series any higher it is the best

  • By Tasha on 27 August 2017

    I love this series and this book is no disappointment to what the first book set up. Maybe a bit long-winded in places but the story is easy to get sucked into.

  • By Heather Lawson on 13 September 2016

    After reading the first in this hugely successful series, I was hooked. Although I didn’t love every aspect of the book – specifically the main romance – I still enjoyed the characters and the story, and that was enough for me to want to continue with the next book.Eden is heading to New York to spend the summer with Tyler. It’s been a long time since they saw each other and she’s convinced herself that he’s over her. Her boyfriend, Dean, isn’t happy that she’s choosing to spend their last summer together in New York but she feels it’s something she needs to do. She has to see for herself, whether he’s truly over her.I’ll admit, I am not an Eden/Tyler fan. Which makes my love for these books incredibly strange. The reason I don’t like them isn’t because of the whole taboo with them being step-siblings. It’s that Tyler is such a self-destructive character and he’s not great for Eden. The poor girl basically puts her life on hold for him, does everything she can to please him, and he’s off as soon as things get too difficult, leaving her to pick up the pieces.There’s the usual drama when Eden reaches New York and they meet up. They’re both trying to so hard to see whether there’s still feelings there without actually talking about it and there’s the usual awkward arguments and non-admissions.Tyler’s roommate was a fun character, I loved the perspective he showed as a third party. As feelings build and romances kindle, Stephen is an often time hilarious input on situations.My favourite thing about Maskame’s writing is her portrayal of teen drama and the fallout of each situation. As things coast along and everything seems fine, there’s the usual explosive secret revealed and suddenly everyone’s upset at everyone else and things go south fast. These are my favourite moments, when everyone is trying to pick up the pieces, tears are shed, feelings are shouted. I feel like these are raw moments that can be hard to read because of how real they are.Once again, Maskame has left us with a bombshell of a cliffhanger at the end and it certainly made me want to immediately pick up the next one and find out how the trilogy ends. I find myself conflicted as this point because during this book, I actually got pretty used to the idea of Eden and Tyler and was rooting for them, so I’m not sure if I want the happy ending at the end of the trilogy with them walking off into the sunset together or whether I think they would be better going their separate ways. One thing for sure is that I’m definitely curious to see how it all turns out!The thing that works most about Maskame’s writing is that you feel invested in the characters. You can’t put the book down until you know how it ends, and Maskame isn’t afraid to pull her punches. A summer romance that will leave you breathless, Did I Mention I Need You? is a perfect summer beach read.

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