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Pages: 320

Language: English

Publisher: Orion Children's Books (3 Sept. 2015)

By: Lauren St John(Author)

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From the bestselling author of THE ONE DOLLAR HORSE trilogy a sensational, stand-alone equestrian thriller and romance about a girl on the run from the law, a boy on a mission to save a life and a race from Colorado to Oregon that they both have to win...

A Girl on the Run from the Law
Alexandra Blakewood has everything any teenager could wish for, apart from the horse she'd love, but she won't stop getting into trouble. Sent to a US boot camp, she dreams of escaping. It seems impossible until she's told about a gruelling 1,200 mile horse race across the American West . . .

A Boy on a Mission to Save a Life
Will Greyton was the star student at his Tennessee high school until his father was laid off. Now Will works at a burger joint. When his dad falls ill, it seems things can't get any worse. An operation will save him, but there's no way to pay for it. Then Will hears about The Glory, a deadly endurance race with a $250,000 purse, open to any rider daring enough to attempt it . . .

A thrilling adventure story ... not just for horse lovers (The Best New Children's Books 2015)A glorious book ... a thrilling, escapist triumph (The School Librarian)The Glory is a glorious book, a truly fantastic adventure story ... This is a thrilling, escapist triumph (School Librarian)Exciting and heartwarming, this is a real page-turner ( National Velvet for modern teenagers. (Alex O'Connell THE TIMES)The author's knowledge of horsemanship, and of the geography and history ofthe route, give this novel conviction, and the landscape comes to life alongwith the characters. The journey involves romance, betrayal, sacrifice,danger, family drama and a tense pursuit. Saddle up for an exhilarating ride. (Nicolette Jones THE SUNDAY TIMES)Brilliant - a vast adventure and love story and, I'm trying hard not to say, glorious. (KATHERINE RUNDELL, author of ROOFTOPPERS)THE GLORY is a born winner. (AMANDA CRAIG)Lauren St John is the new queen of the older horse novel. (The Times (Saturday Review))Part gripping adventure, part love story, this powerful novel travelsthrough an exhilarating yet terrifying landscape. Alex and Will must digdeep, discovering newfound pride in themselves and love for theirfamilies. (BOOK TRUST)A pony adventure story worthy of the Pullein-Thompson sisters (HORSE & COUNTRYSIDE MAGAZINE)Certain to be a huge favourite with readers and will bear comparison with classic horse stories by authors such as Patricia Leitch and KM Peyton. (BOOKS FOR KEEPS)A Glorious read. (IT WAS LOVELY READING YOU)Lauren St John's horse storiesare as good as any of the classics by K M Peyton or Patricia Leitch andthis is a marvellous adventure. Readers will fall in love with thehorses, wiry, intelligent Shiraz, part Arab; and Scout, Alex's horse, awild palomino. (Andrea Reece LOVE READING)

Read online or download a free book: The Glory.pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By Mogs on 24 April 2017

    I chose this 5 star because the book is exciting and you can never put it down its my favourite and Lauren st jhon is now my favourite author! I also read 1 dollar horse and the other books from the series they're all amazing thank you Lauren for writing such a brilliant book I loved it!!! 😆😁😘😘😝😜

  • By L on 13 July 2017

    I stopped reading the book for a while but when I picked it back up I could not put it down and I am sad to have finished it.

  • By Mimi on 5 April 2015

    This is a truly great read. Some of the parts are a little inappropriate, so i would reccomend it to 12-14 year olds. A story of a horse mad girl( Alexandra) and a boy( Peter) who, after his Dad lost his job has been working at a burger joint.They hear about an extremely dangerous endurance race, The Glory, but are only focused on one thing. The prize money. Peter needs to pay for his Dad's operation. Alex is on the run.It's a race they both need to win.

  • By Nayu on 15 April 2015

    I received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review on my review blog, Nayu's Reading Corner Squee! Yet another brilliant horse read from the talented Lauren. There's all her trademark points of complex main characters who have attitude & life circumstances which are less than ideal. There are 'enemies' (for lack of a better word) who are cruel, manipulative and underhanded. I liked how dramatically both Will and Grace enter each others' lives, continue to be at odds for a fair part of the novel, and how much they grow as people by the end.They both endure heartache for themselves and their animals. They face lots of trouble, which to be fair Grace not so much deserves but she does have attitude issues so the difficulties she and Will face develops them personally, helps them draw on inner strength neither knew they had. I mean that both literally and figuratively, since The Glory is a month long race that is daunting for all who entered it. Grace is a little bit too wishful in leaving her troubles behind her, but rest assured by the end things have a way of working themselves out, even the parts which I thought Grace couldn't get out of but thanks to the generosity and mercy of other characters she doesn't have to deal with the fall-out.Not being a direct horse fan I found it interesting learning how horses needed to be treated when they are on a super long race, how much rest they need and the type of nutrition they are given while in the race. Whatever faults Grace and Will have, they adore their horses and do anything for them. Grace can be a little minx but I had to give her credit for some of her 'crimes' because she put a lot of thought into what she did (mostly...she did also act on spur of the moment which did put her in danger).I'd better stop here as this part of the review isn't quite short (but I did type at top speed) or I'll end up telling the entire story! Know that you will need tissues when you read this, you will get a wide range of emotions for all the characters, and will definitely want to reread this one day. You might like to know that since reading it I've learnt there will be a film!

  • By Laura hamstergirl on 7 November 2015

    What bad thing could I say about The Glory? Simple answer: Nothing.*Pre-review warning: this may contain spoilers.*The Glory is a awe-inspiring, superb adventure story, full of drama, romance and character. The story starts with Alex, a troubled girl who seems to cause nothing but trouble, especially when she hosts a Facebook party - gone wrong. At first brattish, I actually felt sorry for her when the troopers came to take her to Camp Renew. In any other book, I would've hated Alex, but I really understood her character in this book, thanks to Lauren St. John's smooth storyteller way of writing, that at the same time has depth. Once past the initial chapters, I really connected with Alex, cheered when she was victorious, felt down when she was sad, loved her gift with horses.I also loved the character of Will, I understood his character almost immediately from the first chapter he's mentioned in. He's a one-of-a-kind character, who'll give his all to anything, and acheive it to the best that he can. Lauren St. John writes about him in a really understandable way. I love how and Alex had a ririvalry, and later, romance. :) I'm not normally a romantic person, but loved their relationship in this book. It was realistic, funny and eventually, really loving and cute :)And everything works out in the end as well - no character is left out of the ending. Even if they die in the wilderness or are killed by a falling moose head in their office. It is a happy ending, but it's not overly sunny and it makes sense, which is great!Overall, this is one teen novel you do not want to miss. Despite seeming a bit horsey, the other characters and events balance it all out, to create a really good book that is unputdownable, breathtaking and enjoyable even for non-horsey types. Trust me, read this book - you will not be disappointed.(Btw, I am not a false reviewer. I own no businesses or sellers, I am an ordinary person. Just to clear that up for people.)

  • By Nick Chapman on 19 September 2015

    I (somehow) managed to win this book in a competition and so I got a signed copy of it. I was really happy, but even more so when I began to read it. The book is amazing!! The plot is so well thought out, and it captivates you from beginning to end. I love the idea of an endurance race thats tests you and pushes you so hard, and I loved the two main characters (Alex and Will) and their reasons for wanting to complete (and win) the race. There were so many plot twists, and suprises, and I was always left guessing what would happen next. Lauren managed to create an amazing world filled with so much detail and excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and definitely would reccomend it to anyone with a love for horses or endurance races.

  • By R E FROST on 19 March 2017

    i love horses and have read Lauren stjohns other series before and loved them still. everyone needs to resd these books whether your into horses or not. amazing read.

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